Duet Pro

Turn your iPad Pro Into a high performance drawing tablet

Hey guys, We released Duet about two years ago, and have gotten a great response. While working on our product, we noticed illustrators, artists, photographers, and designers were often buying additional hardware to draw on a desktop device. These can cost up to a thousand dollars, but end up being integral to their workflow. In the end, we decided to make Duet Pro. With the iPad Pro/Apple pencil combination, we can replace and enhance that workflow. We've added touch, gestures, pressure/tilt sensitivity, and pixel perfect refresh for your favorite desktop apps on both Mac & PC. These include Photoshop, Sketchbook, Manga, etc. By replacing an expensive hardware setup, there is almost no cost for creatives to replace their graphics tablet with an iPad Pro. And once they have an iPad Pro, it becomes frictionless to find new native apps to complement their existing workflows. We think the iPad Pro with our product could become the new de-facto workflow for a digital artist, being able to shift seamlessly from using desktop to native apps on iOS. Duet Pro Features - * Pressure & Tilt Sensitivity from an Apple Pencil * Re-engineered algorithms to optimize for stylus responsiveness * Pixel Perfect refresh - Perfect image quality and more color correction * Hover - Hot key to use stylus to hover * Can be used as a second display or GPU accelerated mirroring * Easily the fastest and highest color quality solution * We are the first and only to work on both Mac & PC * Gestures for scroll, pan, pinch Requirements - * You need an iPad Pro + Apple Pencil * macOS 10.9 or later or Windows 8 or 10 (64-bit only) Price - It's $20/year to support future development and improvements we want to make. And of course, if you don't love it, we will give a full refund. Check it out here - http://www.duetdisplay.com/pro Looking forward to hearing your feedback!
@rahulda1 Hi Raul. Big fan of the original Duet, especially for running Keynote prototypes on iPhone back in the days when it didn't support portrait presentations. The obvious question: How does this compare to Astropad by @mronge & friends? Cheers
@simon_lessing They serve the same purpose, but have different features. I think we are more responsive and less pixellation, have Mac & PC support, and can be used as a second monitor. Astropad is pretty cool because you can use Wi-Fi and on screen shortcuts, which some people coming from a Wacom environment prefer.
Hi Rahul - I'm a big fan of Duet and have used it for a long time, you've done a wonderful job making it so seamless. I was hoping you were working on something like this that uses the Pencil. The one thing that stops me completely jumping ship from my Wacom is being able to move the cursor position as the stylus hovers rather than touches the control surface - have you ever thought of a way to tackle that? Pretty much impossibly with the Pencil etc I assume. Again - awesome work and congrats on the release!
@hamey we can't do hover over the display, but if you hold the function key on a Mac and press, it will hover on tap. Does that work for you?
If this can populate your pixel manipulations live on desktop - you've won me over. @duetdisplay @rahulda1
@rahulda1 Can this be used like a digital blackboard (e.g., Khan Academy's use of a Wacom tablet) with recording?
Any trial of this? I would love to use it possibly as an input device.
@kjaymiller Unfortunately the App Store & IAPs don't allow trials. To compensate for this, we provide a full refund if you don't like it for any reason.