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Rahul M πŸ¦„Β β€” Tagsdock
Since Dubsmash was becoming viral we decided to build some fun app based on it and so we built Dubsvote in a day. DubsVote displays two random videos and you have to vote for the one you like. And you are allowed to submit your dubs too. So share and explore new dubs & keep voting. {A fun app}

P.S: Idea inspired by Zuck's Facemash :D
Ryan HooverΒ β€” Founder, Product Hunt
Neat hack, @rahulmfg and @kwdinc. Dubsmash has blown up since its debut on Product Hunt 6 months ago (they actually launched with an unreleased beta).

As you get more traffic, I'm curious which videos emerge as the most popular and if there are any trends (e.g. do certain types of songs, people, etc. get more attention?).
Rahul M πŸ¦„Β β€” Tagsdock
@kwdinc @rrhoover Hey Ryan thanks, popular videos is currently based on number of votes and how we display videos is, we split the video list and then select random video from the each sub list which user hasn't voted yet.
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