Dubble Studio

Create awesome double exposures

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Paul Smith
Co-founder & CEO at Ricochet AI
Dubble has seen over 350,000 downloads for its social photo app which allows users to create double exposures with one another. Dubble Studio is a new, lightweight app that lets you create awesome double exposures from your own photos.
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Hey Guys, co-founder here! We built Dubble Studio as a way for testing our blending algorithm. It was so fun and simple we decided to add the sharing functionality and release it! As everyone uses apps like Instagram and VSCO for filters we decided not to add any editing functionalities, just mix and share! Pro users can also submit to our Gallery Studio via the app: http://gallery.dubblestudio.com/ as well as saving to photos and removing the watermark. Let me know if you have any feedback and make sure you share your best mixes with #dubblestudio
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Wil BentonPD @IgniteAccel | Built @ChewOfficial
Been using Dubble for a few years now (on and off) and got to know the team well on @Ignite100 last year. Absolutely love the new DS - it's got the amazing blending from the main Dubble app but in slick, lightweight new app. Love it!
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Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
Well done. My mom loves these type of apps (cc @shreebobnish).
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Ben BowlerCycling the World Starting Startups
I love the way Dubble takes photo apps back into the history of photography. Until I used the app I knew nothing about to process and the serendipity of mixing photos. I've been using the Dubble community app (In related products above) for months and I'm so glad I can now make dubbles from any photos I choose.
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