Manipulate everything using gestures

DTing is world's first easy-start gesture controlled robot and toy series.

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Weichen LiMaker@weichenli · CEO of BICQ Innovation, Maker
Hi PH, Our team searched into the market for a long time looking for a gesture recognition solution without constrains. We found all the gesture detection applied device are not easy to use., such as MYO, Leap Motion. We believe a brand new interaction should be friendly to newbie and affordable to make it alive. So we decide to make it by ourselves 3 years ago. The sEMG technique, IMU technique and many others were applied on this product. DTing is already the 3rd generation of the product. Dozens of prototypes were made, hundreds of user feedback were collected. Now I need more advice from community. Hope you guys could enjoy it!
Ayush Chandra@ayush_chandra · Research Intern & Tech Evangelist
Great job !! How’s it going to Helpful if you launch these into workforce of any industry or any job ? How’s it gonna effect the workforce of the Company?
Weichen LiMaker@weichenli · CEO of BICQ Innovation, Maker
@ayush_chandra We tried many different things that might be helpful on work by gestures. A gesture mice, gesture controlled industrial robot, even for disables. Finally we decide to give out a developer kit and show the possibilities to users and let them chose which application do they like. I'm definitely sure this could be used on many occasions.
Weichen LiMaker@weichenli · CEO of BICQ Innovation, Maker
Hey guys, Thanks for upvote! Don't hesitate leaving your comment here. You want it to be applied somewhere else or you just like/hate this product! Your advice will be considered in the design.
Weichen LiMaker@weichenli · CEO of BICQ Innovation, Maker
Good news guys! The Indiegogo campaign of DTing is launched! You could order it now. We offer limited perks for early access. Several additional stuffs are included in early bird perks. Time to check it! https://igg.me/at/dting