DSM Website Plugins

Embed customized social media feeds on your website.

DSM Website Plugins helps increase your website engagement immediately by embedding customized social media feeds on your website.

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Is there any plugins for Wordpress?
@ayush_chandra DSM works with WordPress but we do not have stand alone WordPress plugin with all the DSM solutions.
Hi there! I’m Mike Dalisay, a pro software developer since 2010. I built and develop DSM Website Plugins and codeofaninja.com tutorials. DSM Website Plugins allows you to customize and embed social media feeds on your website. This include Facebook events, Instagram photos & videos, YouTube videos, Twitter feed and more! DSM was created for professional and business websites. DSM allows you to update your websites with more consistency and less time via social media as well. In 2014, I started the development of DSM Website Plugins. I created it because of my clients. They needed social media feeds that has the same colors like their website. In 2015, I coded day and night to release new features. These updates made my clients very happy! This is also the time my wife and I set up our company, Codalify Software Development. In 2016, we realized that DSM can solve other people’s problems too so we tried to offer this service to more people. My wife Marykris was very kind to help me with marketing and search engine optimization. As a result, we had hundreds of sign ups! In 2017, DSM made significant growth in terms of its traffic and paying users. My wife and I are looking forward to expand our team for DSM. We want to serve all our customers the best way we can. Work on all the feature requests. Offer more value to customers. Let me know what you think about our product. I love any thoughts that makes sense so that I can improve our product.