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DSKO is a discovery network for creative people and brands.
Discover, collect and embed profiles.
Create & connect unlimited profiles for your or your own brands.
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Well done with the design, @jschuller. Is the long term plan to turn this into a talent marketplace? Or something else? I'm curious. ๐Ÿ™‚
@rrhoover Thanks! I actually have quite a few long-term plans for DSKO. While I suppose it is already a "talent marketplace" of sorts, that wasn't my primary goal. In my head, there's potential down the road to treat each tag as a "vertical" in its own right with "featured", "curated", "trending" profiles under each and functionality that could be leveraged for that specific industry (tag). The bigger DSKO gets, the more I'll be able to explore those ideas.
Curios to see where this goes. So far, a very stylish and well crafted project. Kudos to Jason for just working on something he enjoys, and carefully molding the user experience, without much focus on likes and shares. We donโ€™t get a lot of this on the web anymore. Good luck!
@kirillzubovsky Thanks man! Appreciate that. ๐Ÿป
Hey everyone! I'd like to introduce DSKO, a passion project of mine that stemmed from the growing interest in minimalist single-page website solutions for profiles โ€” simple pages that allow you to introduce your or your brand and pull in all relevant social and platform links. While all of these options are great for creating an individual site/page on your own domain, none of them enable the people & brands who are using them to be discovered beyond organic search via Google or sharing a URL across various other networks. My goal with DSKO was to see if I could solve that by creating a discovery network for profiles including the ability to connect and tag unlimited profiles for you or your brands.
Like the slick design / ease of use. How do you plan to motivate people to flock back to the profile pages? Any plans on integrating content feeds (from collected profiles), or something like that?
@rolfvanroot I'm not sure I want DSKO to be a content aggregator, but I do have ideas in the works that would motivate people to flock back to a profile. For example, "announcements" is something I'm working on already. Essentially, you'll be able to "Announce" something new which would then notify anyone who has collected your profile.