Capture, edit & share animated GIFs. Made by VSCO.

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android please
I loved the minimalist design.
Everyone's making "GIF" apps.
Hey @joeldflory - can you tell us the story behind this product :)
Ya, why GIFs? And how do you pronounce GIF?
@tylerh @bentossell Moms like you choose GIF!
@bentossell We created DSCO based on a call out from our community, we wanted to make something fun for them as we continue to drive honest expression through a variety of tools. DSCO allows for even more creative expression through a playful, accessible medium - reacting to the content we’re seeing from users.
@joeldflory @bentossell is it possible to create gifs from existing photos?
Love this! Been playing with it since last week. Can definitely use a bit of improvement, but I'm sure the team is working on upgrades already.