DRUMS by Jukely

Earn rewards for discovering new music

Jukely is making it easier than ever to experience more live music.

DRUMS are earnable tokens that can be redeemed for on-platform rewards. To earn DRUMS, users can hype upcoming shows by artists they're excited about, and review both shows and musical releases. Anyone can earn DRUMS, regardless of whether or not they're a Jukely member.

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Alex Wall
marketing @ Gain
Hi PH, Alex from Jukely here. We're stoked to share what we've been working on with the PH community. 🚀 DRUMS are earnable tokens that anyone in the world can rack up by doing the things music lovers already do: discovering new musical acts, and sharing them with their friends. A few notes: - To start, simply download the Jukely app and sign in. There's no special configuration or separate process to get started. - You do not need a Jukely subscription to earn DRUMS. - Hype upcoming shows or review shows and musical releases by clicking on the Missions tab. ⚡ - See real-time updates on how many DRUMS you've earned by viewing them in your Wallet. - The more you hype, review, and share, the more you earn. - DRUMS can be redeemed for subscription upgrades, Jukely credits to go see concerts, and jumping to the top of the standby list for popular shows. - More rewards, like festival tickets and band merch, will be available in the DRUMS Market soon! We’d love to get your feedback and answer any questions you might have. Thanks folks! 💜
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