Chrome extension removes United from your flight search

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Tudor Baidoc
A Web & UI Designer
I think people over-exaggerate with this..
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@baidoct what specifically is exaggerated? Do you mean "over reacted"? If so, perhaps it's that people resonate with the incident and feel it represents their experiences with the company. I certainly feel that way.
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Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré
B2B SaaS Consultant
@baidoct Until it happens to you.
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Nick PerkinsiOS Developer & Startup Enthusiast
@baidoct don't let it "drag you down" man if you can't relate. Many can though.
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Dre Durr💡
Growth is the only thing that matters
@baidoct How would you like to get your @$$ whooped for not volunteering to leave your seat?
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Fiess Edouardco-founder @ navily
@nickprkins @baidoct +1 for the pun
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Brian Krall
Lead Front-end Developer, Tovala
Man, good lesson here not to piss off the internet.
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Patrick Duganblah blah
Facts: 1- The dude’s wife had originally accepted the voucher and they had deplaned. When they found out that the timing of new flight doesn’t work, the dude forces himself past gate agents on the flight. 2- At that point this is a security breach and police was called. Chicago PD had to forcibly remove him after he refused to leave. 3- They had to open seats for united employees because they were on flight clock, and had to crew another flight leaving Louisville. Failure to get them there would cancel flight for 80+ people
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Bryna CorcoranVP, Digital Marketing
@patrick_dugan1 still not his problem that United plays the overbooking game, tho. He was a paying customer, voucher timing or not. Ya know?
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@brynatweets still not entitled to a seat. Ya know?
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@patrick_dugan1 Fact: flight wasn't overbooked. It was United that screwed up. Fact: guy lost 2 teeth and had concussion. Fact: you gotta seriously be an asshole to justify what happened.
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Patrick Duganblah blah
@ptolideh @brynatweets So the police tell you to get off the plane, you ignore them (wtf??), in the process of being physically removed (again, your choice) you get injured and you don't assume any responsibility??
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@ptolideh why did they tell him to leave a none full flight?
Founder, Layman Lab
I haven't tried this extension, but it's an interesting way to build on the news from this PR disaster. I'm still waiting for the Dr. Dao iPhone game...
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Vojtech Rinik
Frontend Software Engineer
This too shall pass... But good PR play of whoever made this.
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Jamie Martin
Design Manager @ Akili Interactive
@_vojto I'd like to think it's one of the other airlines doing it in secret
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