Subscription service for all-you-can-play indie PC games

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Hi folks! We’re dropleaf, a subscription service for all-you-can-play indie PC games. We’re launching with 41 games(adding 10-20 per month) and an initial pricepoint of 4.99/month. You sign up, download the client, install some games and get to playing! Zi and I are long time friends and both gamers, we created dropleaf out of a desire to make the space around games so much better for players and developers alike. We've been working on this part time for about a year, and we left our jobs to go all in when we were accepted to the current YC (S17) batch! We're focused on personalized curation, inclusive community and sustainable monetization for developers. We're so excited to launch dropleaf, and we'd love to hear what you think!
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Awesome games. I love the fact that we have 14 days to try out the games before we pay.
Looks promising! What profile of gamers is dropleaf aimed at? Is it casual gamers that find a few minutes a day, or more hardcore that play a few hours each day? I'm asking because I was wondering whether it'd be possible to play some of these via my browser on a mac
@shaharyakir We have a good mix of both, but most of our games can be enjoyed in nice 30-60 minute chunks. Unfortunately we don't support in browser or macs yet.
@rygeko I'll be waiting! Best of luck guys
@rygeko On a Mac, can't wait!
Great job guys. Looking good!
Any (unofficial) office favorites at @dropleafgaming @Vrangraj @rygeko?
@dropleafgaming @vrangraj @dtran320 Personal favorites are Tumblestone and Mr. Shifty. I have played an embarrassing amount of those two games.
@dtran320 @dropleafgaming We love all our children equally! But, I did write a pretty in depth blog post about Cluster Truck. http://bit.ly/2vvSrZV