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Hi Product Hunt! I’m a PM on Dropbox Paper. Dropbox Paper is a way to organize your team’s knowledge in a single place. With the iOS and Android apps, you can now create, read, or make edits to Paper docs, see all your notifications in a single place, and quickly read and reply to comments. We love to hear your feedback and answer any questions you have!
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@christinacaci When will Dropbox Paper be better integrated into Dropbox? The current firewalling between Paper docs and other docs is a pain.
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@christinacaci Yes! Excited for this. The web version is awesome and we've been using it at https://hardbound.co to create our stories for the past couple months. Been eagerly awaiting a native mobile version.
@christinacaci Awesome :) Seems the competition for cloud document collab (including messaging) is getting bigger by the day, as @rrhoover said with Quip being acquired by Salesforce and even yesterday Amium launched too. Dropbox obviously has a great presence in the cloud document space, what do you see as the main points to teams using this vs others in the space? What is currently missing in the space that Dropbox Paper will look to fill? What have been the biggest challenges in building this?
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Hey @christinacaci I absolutely love Dropbox Paper. Can you please share a bit more about the future of Paper – better organisation, integrations, native app?
@nbashaw can't wait to hear how you all find it!
Here is how Dropbox Paper looks like on mobile 📱
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This will overtake evernote
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@seth_avinash LOL. Can it connect to your scanner? Does it OCR the pictures of your documents? Can it index PDF documents so you can search them?
Hi PH! I'm Ian and I work on the Paper team. We've been working hard on mobile apps for Dropbox Paper; it's a super early beta, and we'd love to hear your feedback!
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Dropbox Paper could really win over Evernote, just a native Mac app is still missing 😉
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@skreutzb hear you on that – it's something many of us on the team would like too. (we live out of Paper as we're building Paper.)
+1 @skreutzb it has already won for us. now it's just a matter of quality of life upgrades like you mentioned
@skreutzb There are "easier" ways to do this. Slack's MacOS app is an example of an alternative approach to a native app.
@kennethchen a native Paper app should feel as fast as Pages I think. Rich-text editing quickly feels sluggish if not done really native. That's what keeps Google Docs from replacing MS Word or Apple Pages. Performance is king when working on text.
@skreutzb I wasn't arguing that using a MacGap or Electron approach would meet or exceed the performance of a native app. Even well funded organizations who care about the user experience like Slack can decide it's an acceptable trade off given all their priorities and business goals.