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Love that you can run one command in Terminal and have a "product".
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@petrbela Does it solve a problem, however small? ✅ Can you distribute / reproduce it? ✅ Even though it's easy, I'd say it counts.
@petrbela @nickisnoble Definitely counts. I just googled "dropbox paper app" and the 4th listing was to this page. While I've used terminal 4 times in my life it was when my progamming business partner told me to. So this may be perfect. :)
Oooh, nice. cc @ianmendiola from the Dropbox team
Thanks @rrhoover for hunting!
@rrhoover @ianmendiola Looks neat! Thanks for sharing Ryan!
My friend @williambout has been working on a version of this too: https://www.producthunt.com/post...
I've just been using [Fluid](https://www.producthunt.com/post...) for this.
@topdownjimmy Same here. Fluid is my go-to for keeping web apps separate from the main browser. Definitely a must. Great for Feedly, Trello, SiriusXM, Dropbox photos, Mixcloud, and others. Fluid's ability to pin apps to the menubar (removes Dock icon) is invaluable for any streaming web app.
@topdownjimmy Yup, I have a Fluid app for Dropbox Paper already open right now. Such a good way to isolate an app away from the noise of the browser.
I've wanted something like this forever! (since Paper dropped of course)