Turn Your Favorite Web Apps into Real Mac Apps

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My favourite use case: Fluid + Trello Takes Trello out of your normal browser (amongst 14 tabs and 3 windows), and gives it it's own spot in your dock.
@ryangum downside of using fluid with trello is losing all the functionality provided the many extensions out there (ultimello & add to trell - my most used). otherwise, I have about a dozen "apps" i sued exclusively with fluid.
This app (these apps) get even better when you pair it with Choosy, a default browser app that hijacks every URL, and sends certain URL patterns to specific browsers. Because of that, I have a fluid app for almost every single web app that use on a weekly basis (angellist, dashboard.io, ello, gcal, growthhackers, hackernews, hackpad, inbound, intercom, launchticker, linkedin, mattermark, medium, pivotal, producthunt, quibb, relateIQ, trello, etc.) Any any link I click in any other app or browser that goes to any of those pages, opens in that specific browser. Which also means that I only have 2 or 3 tabs open in my browser at any time. ;)
This app has been around for a while, its pretty sweet though
@davidchase03 true, this is an oldie but surprisingly a lot of people don't know about Fluid. It's used often for creating a "gmail app" to separate personal and work emails more easily.
@rrhoover had no idea this existed so very glad @KEVINgotbounce posted this. This is why I come to Product Hunt, I have a problem and nearly 99% of the time there's a product here that solves it (even older ones). Just the other day I had SoundCloud up and running in one of my 10+ Chrome tabs and really wished there was an OS X app for it as I tend to have an itchy CMD+W finger. Easiest $4.99 I've spent this week.
Longtime Fluid user. Asana, Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Jira....so awesome. Now if only they upgraded to a new version of Safari.......:)
@chriseyin Hey there, developer of Fluid here. First, thanks! Also: Fluid doesn't use Safari, but it *does* use the same rendering engine (WebKit from Apple). Fluid uses the version of WebKit installed on your Mac – the same version of WebKit used by Safari. So Fluid will always be using the latest stable version of WebKit, just like Safari. No need to update Fluid for this.
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@itod @chriseyin Todd, thanks for creating fluid. I saw your comment. So, why does Google Inbox work in Safari but not Fluid?
@itod @chriseyin wish we could install some useful chrome extensions - would complete my fluid nirvana. . .
@itod I tried sending a fluid app to another Mac. Doesn't work. Any advice? These things would go massively viral if you could share.
If you're willing to spend the $5 for the premium version of the app, I love being able to pin apps to the status bar and editing the CSS for certain apps so I can control the visual look and feel. Highly recommend it.