Drone Racing Game

Drone racing in a fun, intense and affordable way.

So Cool 😮
Does it require certain skills to fly?
@kev9203 It's very easy to fly and almost requires no skills but we do recommend you to start the game with the free style mode to have some practices before getting ready for the races.
That looks really cool! Does it available for purchases on your website yet?
@d_qu_c_d_t you can purchase now on our indiegogo campaign https://www.indiegogo.com/projec...
Awesome! Drone racing has felt like a very expensive sport to get into, this is a nice first step. Is the "VR Headset" basically just a google cardboard style headset? Do I have to put my phone into it for it to work? Not clear from the video...
@fletchrichman you need to use your phone with our headset, but it's a much nicer headset, more like a Gear VR quality than a Google Cardboard.
@duyhtq gotcha. you should list what phones are compatible then. i have a similar one that i bought on amazon, my issue is that with a regular iphone 6s the frame rate and viewing angle is pretty crappy, makes me sick after just a few minutes. had to upgrade to the Vive :)
HI, this sounds exciting and i would love to try on one. great product. but do you ship worldwide?