Customer communication app for product marketers


Dan Kaplan
@dankaplan · I help startups tell their stories.
A new marketing product from former HubSpot Product Exec @dcancel, his third after Compete and Performable. Curious how Driftt (invite only right now) differentiates from Intercom.
Clark Valberg
@clarkvalberg · CEO at InVisionApp.com
Wow looking really cool. Anything @dcancel touches is pure gold.
Mario Hall
@nadomars · Co-Founder / Designer @CymbalFM
We recently started using Driftt here at Cymbal and have been blown away by the level of customer support they've given us and the product itself! Very happy customer.
Hrishi Mittal
@hrishio · Founder, Learnetto.com
Huge fan of @dcancel. Looking forward to check Driftt out.
@smdhruve · CoFouder & BotFather @SuperFanAiBots
The website isn't opening up. Is it available in India? do i have the correct website https://www.driftt.com/ ? @dcancel