Drift + Salesforce Integration

Create and track leads from Drift in Salesforce

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I've been using the Salesforce integration for the last week. It works great, and there's literally nothing to configure. New leads are automatically created In Salesforce, and chat transcripts are added to leads and contacts as tasks. The pace that Drift is shipping new features is unlike anything else I've seen in SaaS.
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Chat used to just been seen as a cost center -- a tool for support reps to keep people off the phone. With the recent explosion of messaging apps more sales teams are using chat to start conversations with leads, book meetings faster, and close more deals. It's obvious that the Drift team is now focusing more on sales teams with this integration. I've been impressed by what they're building and how fast they've been shipping lately. It's refreshing to see a SaaS company continuously ship products that are so very right for their target audience.
Excited to finally be able to share our Salesforce integration. ⚡️⚡️⚡️ Now helping more companies match the way people want to buy today which in turn speeds up the selling cycle. Being closer to the customer is always a win. I believe helping is the new selling and customer experience is the new marketing. This new release will help us bring this movement to more companies around the world. Let me know if you have any questions. Here to help.
Interesting growth hack from the @drift crew. TAM? 150,000 B2B clients, based in the last annual report for FY2016 http://s1.q4cdn.com/454432842/fi... Well done @dcancel @davegerhardt #GrowthHacking in steroids