Drift Profiles

A more personalized way for team members to help customers

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This is pretty cool. Profile pages for each person on your team that connect to Drift's customer communication platform. It's a really effective way to help customers solve their problems, faster. And its included with a free Drift account.
@hnshah Agreed. Pretty cool and makes sense. Congrats on the launch, @drift team!
@hnshah So do you need to provide a username or send an invitation to your customers so you can use this platform? How does it work?
That new feature seems really great. Like a social platform in your help desk :-) Though video recording @mattbilotti ? :-D
@jice_lavocat πŸ™πŸ½
I want to go to there. Can we use custom domains/sub domains?
@handythinks Definitely on the list!
@eliast awesome. Seems like a very cool repurpose for all those "about me" products. We make very Hubspotty looking form-driven landing pages for salespeople at our clients. This takes it to a new level. I'd love to be able to put an authors blog RSS feed in here to show latest posts also so this becomes their personal "home"
@handythinks We can add that VERY QUICKLY (rss-feed). Please chat with @matt
Awesome, great feature! How do I enable Profiles? I'm not able to find it.
@sammyschuckert thanks! We will unlock your account today and shoot you a note. πŸš€
@dcancel Thanks! πŸ‘πŸΌ
@sammyschuckert just DM'd you :)
@davegerhardt @dcancel congrats to all @Drift crew for this incredible feature.
Congrats folks! It looks great! Wondering what that "Schedule Meeting" button actually does. Calendly-like? That would be stellar. Congrats on the launch!