Drift for Slack

Talk to your website visitors & customers in real-time



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Hiten Shah — Crazy Egg, KISSmetrics & Quick Sprout
This is neat. Install Drift's communications system for your website and then you'll be able to interact with visitors without leaving Slack!
Sam Legge — Product Manager, Thalmic Labs
@hnshah is this any different than Talkus or Chatlio?
Arun Pattnaik — UX'er for web startups, maker of things.
@hnshah This looks *very* promising. A demo would be really nice :)
@arunpattnaik @hnshah +1 Would love to see a demo or some better pics.
Mike Timofiiv — founder, pinmark.io
@hnshah I second Sam Legge's comment - it appears you have some nice integrations...maybe you could talk more about how Drift connects to Mixpanel or one of those other tools you have on your pricing page?
Dave Gerhardt — Director of Marketing at Drift
@arunpattnaik hey Arun - happy to give you a demo or if you're like me and would prefer to just play around on your own you can just set up a free account.
Tom Benattar — Head of Growth Salesmachine
Awesome job guys! We will soon integrate Drift 😀
Dave Gerhardt — Director of Marketing at Drift
@tombenattar awesome!
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