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The future of how sales reps communicate with prospects

Drift Email is the future of how sales reps will communicate with their prospects. When a prospect visits your site from an email sent with Drift’s Chrome Extension, you’re there to greet them with a personalized message. That means your prospect can instantly start a conversation with you. Even if you aren’t at your desk.

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Over the past year the team at Drift has been focused on helping businesses connect with customers through real-time conversations. After various feature launches and iterations, the Drift team decided that it's time for them to reinvent email. Today's launch of Drift Email let's sales reps greet prospects they emailed with a personalized message. This is just part one of their reinventions of email which they hinted at during their Hypergrowth conference last week. Apparently there's more to come in the next couple of months!
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@hnshah This is pretty slick, I've been considering moving to Intercom, but this might keep me. Was there any mention of building a product similar to "Educate" (i.e. a knowledge base) at Hypergrowth?
@hnshah @seekwell_io we've got you covered in a few weeks time. We're working on a new Knowledge Base product that will integrate neatly with Drift. And in a way that your users will actually have a proper user journey through your support content. I just sent the latest build to our "early edition" community (ping me if you want to jump into this beta group as well - Seekwell looks awesome). As a team of technical writers spun out of Red Hat, building directly with the content community, I'm pretty excited about this myself. And I'm really excited about how Drift "get" the shifting needs of users. Other companies mocked support bots for example, but Drift understand modular content experiences are more important than expensive "pages" of documentation full of pointless clutter. And as a modular content platform, we're behind them 100%. That and I'm still pumped from #hypergrowth17 and full of Dunkin', so that Boston hustle is hard to shake :P
@hnshah Congrats to the team! Too many to call out individually but what a pack of characters. It was incredible to get a glimpse of this at #hypergrowth17, and I can't wait to roll this out at Corilla. This really hits home for us. Here's a use-case for anyone wanting to see where the pain points are. We've struggled with how fragmented our email comms are in general. MailChimp for newsletters, Amazon SES for transactional email, a certain other company for in-app comms, not to mention our CRM. None really making it easy to have one conversation with our users. Which started to annoy us to be honest... especially the Drift competitor who makes it prohibitively expensive to have all our contacts in their product, forcing us to break our conversations across multiple tools. So pumped Drift get this. And so pumped at the velocity of Drift in general. The perks of getting some time in Boston to meet the team is getting a feel for the intensity of their roadmap. This team is too crazy to let up. We're in.
If you are not on the Drift train yet, it's time to get on - the train is leaving the station.
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Drift continues to chip away at the old, slow, less-than-human email marketing automation "accepted way of doing things." Starting with a principle of "hey, there's got to be more human (and better performing) ways of doing marketing & sales" that has been resulting in Drift tools for realtime-conversations, AI-augmented scaling -- and now: starting a prospect journey in email, routing that prospect to your site, and via a personalized "I know who you are" message, handing that person to a human for a real-time, right-now conversation. And they've taken these "the old way is broken, let's be more human & perform better" principles and product and are growing a "the old way is broken, let's be more human & perform better" Movement (currently under the #NoForms label). And there is still a lot of email marketing automation plumbing out there yet to reinvent. Then there are more parts of the buyer's & customer's journeys to tackle... So I'm sure you'll continue to see a steady stream of Hunts here. (I'm waiting to see a true sign of a named movement: non-Drift Hunts showing up here touting their membership to the "#NoForms" club.) Kudos to them. Status quo email marketing sux.

Drift has brought me closer to my prospects, we’ve changed our outbound cadences to start with an email sent using the extension because the personal touch is so meaningful. With Drift, we send fewer emails and get better results.


- LIVE email to web tracking

- Chat with my clients when they are on the website

- Fast and responsive product team


- Some slight aesthetics that can help me replace my other email tracking tools (ie: email views inside gmail)

Has it resulted in quicker sales conversions or.. more leads addressing? Could quantify your results?

Drift has been huge for us in finding and connecting with qualified prospects through playbooks. Now, not only do we have a scalable way to do prospecting that is focused on them, but we also have a way to make existing customers and prospects feel valued.


- Seamless transfer between email and live chat.

- Was able to delete separate email tracking tool

- Customizable and trackable


Too many new Drift features to try out and implement. ;)