Drift Email Signatures

Free email signatures to get your whole team on brand

What's the best marketing channel you haven't optimized? Hint: it's right in your inbox.

Drift Email Signatures is a FREE tool to help you build beautiful email signatures for your company so you can promote your next event, product launch or whatever is important to your business.

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The best marketing teams effectively use every channel possible to get the word out. By now, we can all agree that the Drift team is really good at getting the word out when they have something to say. Email signatures are one of those places that you don't really think about as a marketing channel. Yet they get hundreds and sometimes thousands of impressions every day. So, now you can leverage your whole team's email signatures for marketing and the price is right -- it's free!
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really good idea - drift team as always is preparing good stuff :)
@hnshah I wrote about this "The effort of marketing forgotten" https://artplusmarketing.com/the...
Cool product! In my previous e-commerce company I co-founded we were 200 people, and although we had a common policy on how signatures should be, and even copy & pasted the text to be changed, we never managed to make everyone show the same style. Plus you can start a conversation right away! Congrats to the Drift team! :)
What is the link when you already have an account ? Not very thoughtful to forget it...
@raphchabaud good feedback. It’s a type of Playbook. Details here: http://help.drift.com/article/dr...
@raphchabaud also once you log in to app.drift.com you will see a full takeover and lots of instructions on how to set up your team’s signatures.
@raphchabaud @craigdaniel Yup, I agree. Was looking for it for a while as well.. Presenting it as a "playbook" is quite confusing.
Sigstr can't be happy right now.
Free signatures that start conversations? AMAZING!