Drift Email for Marketing is the first conversational email marketing platform. It helps you turn your emails into engaging conversations that close leads faster.

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Every CEO should be concerned about creating amazing buying experiences. And lots of great businesses are making this happen. But one area where they struggle is email marketing. Today, the best B2B marketing looks like this: emails coming from sales reps, similar emails coming from marketing, those emails direct people to landing pages with forms (asking for information they often have already filled out), so the bulk of a marketer's time is spent optimizing email designs for clicks. Now, with Drift Email for Marketing, we're helping marketers turn their email into engaging conversations. Not only does this help marketers identify qualified leads and get them to sales faster, but it's how your customers want to buy because it connects email to real-time messaging. This is how you create a better buying experience with email. Conversations > Clicks 📈💪
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The team at Drift is back at it with another email product and this time it's for marketers. Drift Email for Marketing is focused on helping marketers drive more conversations for sales, versus optimizing for clicks on pretty looking email templates. The team has added a bunch of superpowers to Drift. Easy segmentation and a few different ways to connect email to chat which helps create a seamless customer journey for your prospects and customers. Make sure you check out the video for more details. And then sign up and try it for yourself ;)
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Okay. You used to be a good product. But then you got great. And maybe now a little dangerous. Which is approaching awesome. I think by the time Hypergrowth comes around again things are going to be a little 🔥
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@davedri i hope so!!!
I'm a wordsmith, not a designer. I think a lot of people in sales are the same way. We have to use our wit and guile to make things work without the help of a big design team. That's what makes this so exciting. What Medium did for content creators online, Drift is now doing for email. By limiting design choices, the new Drift Email for marketing is putting a focus purely on the content. Folks responsible for driving revenue goals can spend less time painting pictures and worrying about device compatibility and just write emails tailored for their customers. Marketers can finally stop ‘blasting’ (the dirtiest word in marketing) their customers and start building meaningful relationships again. We’ve seen much higher open/clicks rate for emails in the ‘plain text’ formats with a single focus or single call to action. The revenue attribution reporting is going to make email marketing a performance art.
@handythinks 10000% on the wordsmith vs designer. I'm with you - although you are a bit of a scientist too :)
As a former sales rep turned marketer, this is addition is HUGE! It’s really hard to drive a good conversation via email and this is a great step in the right direction. Drift is connecting the 1:1 conversation experience that our prospects and clients are having on our website to the email campaigns our teams are sending out. Instead of focusing on vanity metrics like clicks and views, we are now able to focus on a metric that actually drives better lead conversions: conversations!
@mathewmarr Boom! Love to hear that, Mat.