Drift Assistant

A free 24/7 AI Assistant for everyone in Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing teams use Drift Assistant to automate all the digital busywork that gets in the way of focusing on customers—from managing your email replies to prepping notes for your next meeting. Now you can spend these reclaimed hours on the work that matters most.

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Good Morning ⚡️ With the launch of Drift Assistant, sales and marketing teams now have an AI assistant that can work 24/7/365 and handle much of the “digital paperwork” that they have to manage on a daily basis that gets in the way of providing a great customer experience. B2B businesses have gone digital, but we haven’t been able to move on from all of the paperwork. Only a third of a sales reps time is actually spent selling, with over 60 percent of their time wasted on administrative tasks and meetings. Meanwhile, marketers have resorted to sending emails from noreply@company.com or other email aliases so they don’t have to manage responses and deal with routing conversations to the right person in the company. Drift Assistant handles all of that digital paperwork so sales reps and marketers can get the time they need back in their day to focus on providing the personalized buying experience customer expect today. I’m proud of what the team has built. We hope you like it, too. David Cancel CEO, Drift P.S. - To power Drift Assistant for marketers, Drift has acquired Siftrock, a Seattle-based company that helps B2B marketing and sales teams operate more effectively. Companies like Glassdoor, Citrix, Okta, SurveyMonkey, Procore, and others use Siftrock to manage their email replies at scale. We think this adds real value to both of our customer bases immediately.
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Hiten Shah
Crazy Egg, Product Habits & FYI
The more you can automate redundant tasks for a sales rep - meeting prep, remembering to reach out to a no-show, or following up with next steps after a demo - the more time you get back to focus on delivering amazing experiences for your potential customers. This is where Drift Assistant can help.
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AnnaEmail marketer, copywriter
that's a very useful tool. Thank you