Drift and Drip Integration

Get more leads with messaging + marketing automation.

Pumped to launch an integration with our friends at Drip (who are now part of Leadpages!). The combination of messaging + email automation = a marketer’s best friend. For example, you can easily re-target people who have not engaged with your emails with in-app messages, or use Drift to measure NPS, and Drip to reach out to detractors and promoters. And since Drift has a free plan and Drip has a $1/plan, hey you could do this all for $1 :)
We use this integration every day at Drift. Love working with the team at Drip and LeadPages to build a world class Marketing and Sales stack. 🤘🏼
🙏 Thank you Drift for doing this. This is not only something that our Drip customers wanted; we wanted it also (we use Drift and Drip together every day at Drip.co and Leadpages.net).
I'm a big fan of this Drift integration. The ability to engage people via in-app messages who haven't engaged via email is huge.
This is a marketer's dream. If your email list isn't growing, try collecting emails via live chat with a real human on your team. As Dave said, Drip starts at $1 per month and Drift is free. Huge ROI.