Drift off to sleep with a night time audio player

A simple yet powerful application used to play music, audiobooks or podcasts while drifting off to sleep.

Import any audio file from your iCloud, Dropbox or other cloud provider.

Set how many times you would like the audio to repeat.

As it plays the audio slowly fades out.

Drift off to sleep.

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Jacqueline von Tesmar
Community at Product Hunt ⚡️
Hey @lukeharback, What's the main thing about this app that makes it stand out from other similar apps?
Luke Harback
Software Engineer + Construction
@jacqvon Hey Jacqueline, thanks for the question! Im afraid I don't really know, this started as a side project that I wanted to launch over my easter break so no research required. But after a quick search I'd say that the difference is you can import your own audio, not have lots of in app purchases to unlock more. Thanks for checking it out!