A game that plays itself because you're too busy

I love this, these games are always fun and IMO more entertaining than TV :) also the soundtrack is top-notch. Is there an Android version planned?
Set your alarm for when you want the game to begin. Kick off your day with the advent of a story and let the game play itself while you sit back and watch the action unfold. Another example of a passive or low-interactivity game. These are games made for busy people. Games that go on and are connected with your life, that you care about, but require very little of your time. If you're interested in this new genre and what feeds the popularity check out the interview of the always inspiring @jesseschell (see link above). Will this be part of a major new category or not?
@jesseschell @pieterpaul I like BI's description (an incredibly detailed tamagotchi) as opposed to "game that plays itself". I find it difficult to call something a game if it has no user interaction, no challenge to overcome, and no win/loss conditions. But when viewed through the lens of a tamagotchi, it far exceeds expectations. Gorgeous art, detailed world it walks through, watch it fight some monsters... just make sure it goes to sleep each day and set its/your alarm.
@jesseschell @staringispolite There's definitely different ways of looking at it. Some people even compare this type of game with time-management titles like FarmVille. To your point what's really interesting and where I think lies a big opportunity in the space is tying up a virtual pet with storytelling. Dreeps sort of does this, though it could add more tamagotchi care-taking mechanics. Interesting trend - very characteristic of this generation!