A solution that acts on your brain to enhance sleep.

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#2 Product of the DayJune 16, 2017

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Anant Sanchetee
Anant SancheteeHunter@anants · Product Marketing, Oculus Core Tech
Hello everyone, I am Anant Sanchetee, VP Marketing of Rythm, a neurotechnology company based in Paris and San Francisco. Today, we're excited to share Dreem with you, a complete solution that monitors, analyzes, and enhances sleep quality. Dreem is a headband based on a discovery that was made before the company started: audio stimulations, when synchronized with brain activity (EEG) during sleep can improve its quality by promoting one of the most critical stage of the night, deep sleep. This stage is responsible for memory consolidation, cellular regeneration, and hormone regulation. In the past couple of years, we’ve extended the sound based principle across various stages of sleep and now we can successfully help people fall asleep faster (by up to 31%), get deeper sleep (by up to 32%), and wake up refreshed (88% wake up at optimum time). These are all key elements of sleep that help heal, rejuvenate, and improve various physiological processes in the human body. Dreem is now available on https://www.dreem.com with a special early bird offer for $399 / 399€! Thanks,
Nicholas Sheriff
Nicholas Sheriff@nicholassheriff · Founder, Medic Ventures
@anants Dreem is my sister's name lol spelled exactly like that because my mom had a dream after 3 boys she was having a girl....and then she got clever, this product looks really interesting but that domain name omg.
Towfiq I.
Towfiq I.@towfiqi · WPReside
@anants Does it induce Lucid dreams like iBand+ ?
Anant Sanchetee
Anant SancheteeHunter@anants · Product Marketing, Oculus Core Tech
@towfiqi Unfortunately no. We focus on various aspects of bettering sleep though - like falling asleep faster, getting deeper sleep, and waking up refreshed.
Kumar Thangudu
Kumar ThanguduPro@datarade · Technologist
Where is the linked research? I'm going to guess this might be BS, but I'm going to reserve judgement til I see the Impact factor and h-index of the research papers behind this "innovation."
Anant Sanchetee
Anant SancheteeHunter@anants · Product Marketing, Oculus Core Tech
@datarade Hey Kumar - here is some of the research on our published whitepaper: https://s3-us-west-1.amazonaws.c... The academic studies that led to the creation of this product are in our Press Kit on the site as well. Finally, we've completed our clinical trials and we'll share the study results later this month. Rest assured, the results are very compelling.
Jose Vieitez
Jose Vieitez@josevieitez · Director @ Boomtown Accelerators
@anants I look forward to seeing the clinical trial results. I will hold off buying until then
Edozié Izegbu
Edozié Izegbu@edozie_izegbu · Software Engineer
@datarade agreed
Anant Sanchetee
Anant SancheteeHunter@anants · Product Marketing, Oculus Core Tech
@josevieitez We look forward to sharing those results with you soon
Sandy Hathaway
Sandy Hathaway@startupsandy · Partner, Exit3x
@anants what type/level of clinical trials did you do? Any results conclusive enough to pursue reimbursement?
Patrice Thiriez ن
Patrice Thiriez ن@patricethiriez · -
I had the opportunity to be part of the early beta-testers. Dreem is a very serious project, founded by a great team of professionals and neurologists, and the headband is very promising ! By the wau, I'm impatient to receive the new generation headset ! :-)
Sam Cholera
Sam Cholera@sam_cholera · Founder @ iSpy Sport Search
Man, I need to try this...
Ernest Oppetit
Ernest Oppetit@ernopp · PM @ Improbable
Preordered ! I particularly look forward to being woken up in the light sleep stage