The first audiovisual dream-sharing network

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I like the concept, what are dream mates exactly? Is this going to become a dating site :-) ?
@_jeremiahs Dream mates are the ones who have similar dreams. Dreampire matches those who dream with the same motives with the help of the tags attached to the uploaded videos. Dating site? It might be.. :) Or simply a networking space where your virtual circle of friends can be built.
Hey Hunters! We are launching Dreampire, the world’s first audiovisual dream sharing platform where dreamers can post their stories in an immersive audio-visual form and find their “dream mates” who dreamt with the same motives. Users can record their own dreams and browse in the database of 3200+ recorded stories of our community. Dreampire’s unique twist is the video format: the magic of the moving images enhances the non-verbal layer of the intimate, humorous, mystical dreams of regular people. AMA! :)
@emera___ Loved the idea at first sight! What’s the vision with the project?
@farkasdan Mankind has put astronauts on the Moon but dreams are still a very mystic territory. We believe that with big enough dream samples, a pattern will emerge, an evidence of a collective consciousness might arise. What if dreams really have future predictor power? One dream is just a mystical piece - but thousands of puzzle pieces might complete a comprehensible picture. The bigger the sample, the better we’ll understand dreams.
@emera___ There are quite a few dream logging platforms, is the video format really a gamechanger?
@zcserei We think so. See it yourself! Here is a good copmilation of some of the best records 😃
@emera___ "Either it was deleted or it never existed in the first place. Such are the mysteries of the Internet."
Wow, very interesting project! As a recorder, do I also get a kind of analysis or shall I have to figure out the meaning of my dream with my dreammate? I think the most interesting about connecting the dreammates is to find out why we dreamed the same thing.
@adri_bodor We let the dream mates to find it out together. We would like to generate conversations on their dreams.
Will there be an app for it? Makes me want to use this more.
@tamaslocher The current website is optimized for mobile but a proper app would make the recording process so much easier. So yes, we are planning to roll out an easy to use app in the next few months.
3200 records is a lot, congrats! When did the project start?
@tamasszakal We started making dream interviews 3 years ago. First we planned to edit a documentary from the recordings, but we realized very soon that this material wants something bigger and more universal format than an 80 mins moving image sequence. Everybody has dealings with dreams.