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Joseph Jude
Joseph Jude@jjude · Developer @olaiapp
From the [reddit]( thread: After going through a horrible experience myself, I decided to take the opposite approach and build something in a few hours (as an experiment). - Instead of an entity controlling the money transfer and taking a cut - client + freelancer work directly with each other - Instead of having your awesome work, cropped in a crappy profile the same as folks who's work is at least 10 levels below yours, your freakin own portfolio site is your profile - Instead of spending a ton of time looking for projects, making bids, not hearing from anyone, you just list yourself and clients will contact you if they want to work with you. -Instead of having clients pick freelancers based on the lowest bids, let them see your workspace... the place where you're dropping sweat, blood and tears to craft beautiful products. That's how Downwork was born today.