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#4 Product of the DayApril 23, 2019
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I've enjoyed following DTS over the past ~year. It's refreshingly cheesy. What's been the biggest learnings o far, @maxhellerstein and team?
@rrhoover Thanks for the kind words! I remember sending you some early episodes back when we did our alpha last November. You also might be the first person to ever make cheesy sound good. Less whiz, more Gouda. That said, we've learned a ton that might be interesting to some, or obvious to others, i'd say my personal takeaways: 1. While there is content everywhere, a lot of it looks the same. I encourage new co's / founders to really think about why users won't associate their output with everyone elses. We spend a ton of time making sure we don't look like everything else out there (D2C especially) because that stuff just makes customers overlook the actual product and just assume "Oh, this is just like a Casper for _____." 2. We talk to our users everyday, we actually have a company phone that people can text and talk to someone on. For our first 300 users we used an iMessage rig on an iPad, hooked up to co phone line. However blue bubbles don't scale (please correct me if they do or you know how to make them to!) So now we use something more automated, but are constantly posing questions and getting feedback. You can look at user behavior data but sentiment is best received through some pretty basic questions, just takes a little extra time. Totally worth it and when you see common patterns it really tells you what you should start building next. 3. My last takeaway and probably most important thing is that you have to make your product magical. Like literally, people should be blown away by it upon the first experience. You should be excited to tell someone how much you love or even hate something, it will make for network effect and in the beginning people will think you are crazy for doing some stuff but its what is required to dent the universe of the app store. Hopefully this is helpful, I know sometimes these things are broad or vague, i'm around all day and can answer some Q's here!
We created Down to Shop out of frustration with modern advertising. This is our response, enjoy!
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Simply Amazing Guys! It’s not only shopping but also an entertainment app. It’s the future !

Made for the throwaway society. Every day we are constantly bombarded with trash content and trash products and this just adds to the pile of shit on the internet that I have to avoid. I wish the company placed its effort on creating stories to promote products that were actually the best or inspiring. This is a great example of the extreme form of consumerism that now dominates the internet which has a number of unpleasant and even potentially dangerous characteristics for society and the environment.


I am down to shop, but for the right products.


Instead of tried n true the products featured are a waste of money. If it went viral on IG/FB its probably being featured here

I don’t agree with you but I Appreciate the thoughtful prospective. Products and content are extremely subjective and I will say that since we are so new, it’s easier said than done getting the best brands to work with you. Or what you might consider to be the best brands. Always appreciate recommendations.