Down To Lunch

Press one button to get lunch with friends

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Im always down to lunch
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@bentossell πŸŽ‰πŸ‘πŸ‘ŠπŸ™Œ
These apps are always difficult to scale because of the required (geographically-confined) network effects. I can see this being particularly useful for large companies. Coordinating lunch plans as a large group is difficult and this might help more introverted folks mingle with teammates they don't normally hang with.
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@rrhoover Agree - there are so many hyper niche products like this that die due to novelty - hopefully these guys have scale avenues to build on.
@samir_doshi @rrhoover I don't think you understand this concept. It's intended for people to have lunch with their friends. The network effect is reduced exponentially since you only have to hassle a few friends/coworkers to make this useful
@searchresults @rrhoover I hear you -- I looked into it further ... and I think your simplicity is the standout feature --- the time element and the ease of just pressing a button is engaging... really no offense --- just had to look deeper! All the best. As a side note -- we @moxiapps were making something similar for beer! We tied into the iWatch as a sort of alert for thirst... would be cool to see that too!
@searchresults I agree that it cane be useful with only a few friends on it but it doesn't replace existing alternatives -- texting, FB message, asking your friend IRL -- if only a subset of buddies are on it.
haha what how is this on product hunt - can we take this down?
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@nikilster why? message me on Twitter
A team built this during an internal hackathon - very cool!
Great concept, can you port it to W10 or release the web version?