Down to Chill

See who's free. Swipe down to chill with your friends.

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Alternative tagline: "Tinder for your homies" If I had enough friends using this, I'd find it valuable but the truth is, it's not that useful until you have a critical mass of friends using the app. One suggestion to the founders is to target college campuses (and maybe they are) to saturate those communities.
@rrhoover Smart that they've integrated it with Facebook for this reason.
@rrhoover Started here at Penn, so think they are definitely going after that demo
@nikkielizdemere FB or contacts importer are pretty much mandatory to have a chance of getting this off the ground. That's just plumbing though. The hard part is reaching that "tipping point" for thousands of individuals where it starts to become useful.
@rrhoover check out the launch video!
were combining quality content with local press coverage (daily Pennsylvanian, technically Philly, Philly business journal). we think as long as we hit those critical densities for the people we target we can grow steadily while still providing value to clusters of early adopters.
I think this was built with
Parody bought to life? Not exactly sure when this vid is from, but it was bought to my attention a couple weeks back:
@phixx thanks for sharing that funny
@phixx thanks for sharing that funny