Down for Everyone or just Me?

The essential tool for checking if a website is up or not

#2 Product of the DayJuly 05, 2015
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Old one, but a good one. This should be an essential part of lots of people's toolbox. It helps you see if a website is really down, or if it's just down because of issues on your own computer.
Love this - been using it for years. Oddly enough, last time I tried to use this it, it was down. Some kind of inception.
I use this all the time. Totally legit. As Jack said, Oldie but goodie.
I hunted this a few days ago :/ :P Anyways, its a very straightforward tool :)
Hey @_JackSmith - I have this saved on my new tab since I use it so often. Surprised it hadn't been posted a long time ago.