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#5 Product of the DayDecember 14, 2013
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Just a quick update on Dovetail -- it's now FREE to use! At this point, the app is functional, but the feature set is pretty basic. We believe in building in public, so we're letting spaces use our app for free while be collect feedback and roll out additional features. Paid plans will come later. Just thought I'd share with the community here : )
Welcome aboard, @pendeavor! What inspired you to build Dovetail?
Lack of solutions built specifically for Coworking space management. And user research showed me existing products were failing at solving key pain points. Also helps that I ran a Coworking space for 10 months, am passionate about the movement, and know the market quite well.
@rrhoover working on version 2.0 of Dovetail now. Scrapping first code base and moving in a slightly new direction. Same market, simplified feature set. Will update as progress is made.
@pendeavor (we need to embed emoji fonts). :)
@pendeavor - looks like this went offline. Any ideas when it'll be back up? I'm very keen to use the product... (is there a private beta?)
@jasondainter Timely question. We actually just released the next iteration of our app to beta testers. Just haven't updated our site yet. The new version isn't super feature rich, but it's a place to start and iterate from. We'll be opening up the beta to the public in a couple weeks. If you shoot me your email address, I can send you the link to create an account. Just note - development speed for new features and updates might be a bit in the slow side. We're just 2 guys with full time jobs building Dovetail in our spare time : )
@pendeavor thanks for the invite. Out of interest who would you say your main competitors and what are you doing/do you plan to do differently?