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#3 Product of the DayOctober 15, 2019
DottedSign is a сross-platform (web and mobile) e-signature tool for you to sign, assign and manage documents online. Stop wasting time emailing signers, printing copies, and faxing paper. Just import your document, sign or request signatures, and hit send.
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Hey Product Hunters! Are you tired of tracking signing tasks in different emails and instant message chats? I’m super excited to be launching our awesome e-signature solution, DottedSign on Product Hunt today! DottedSign is created to help enterprise and salespeople to get a better way to manage signing tasks. Here are some highlights of the product: Available on iOS, Android and Web. Stand out by its mobile-friendly UI. Manage signature tasks with visual progress bar and search tool. Leave custom messages to all recipients and set up auto reminder and expiry date. Assign various fields to signers in a designated order, including signatures, texts, and dates. Get documents from camera, email attachments, cloud services (e.g. OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox) and support to share a file link via web browser. Possess security and legality warranty by providing digital audit trails and OTP(one-time password) verification. Ready to improve the way you sign documents, forms, contracts and agreements forever? You’ll find everything you need in DottedSign. I would love to get your feedback and answer any questions you have!
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@kenny_su Great product, I signed up! :) I do have some pointers and feedback for your landing page. Hope you find these useful -
@kanad_bahalkar Thanks for the feedback! We're very appreciated and will definitely take a look at your comments!
@kenny_su @zoe_buchanan Congrats guys, DottedSign looks quite simple and intuitive - a must-have for e-signature solution. How about an interview about it at Send me an email to Paul(at) if interested!
Hey ProductHunters! 👋😻I'm thrilled to be hunting DottedSign today — a new e-signatures app which streamlines the process of managing and signing documents across web and mobile. Kudos to the makers + passing on the baton to them 🎙
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@vlad_shvets Thanks for the support! We can't wait for getting your feedbacks using DottedSign!
Congrats with the new release, Kdan! I’ve been using DottedSign for a couple of weeks now and excited about new features/updates. What’s next for DottedSign?
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@deniel_fasco Thank you for the love for DottedSign! We're planning to roll out more features for teams and enterprises. Stay tuned!
Always happy to see an update from Kdan! Nice job :) I really like the feature that allows me to monitor the signing progress, quite useful in many instances. Any chance the next update will feature automatic field recognition? That’d be really useful.
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@matthew_knight2 Hi Matthew, thanks for loving DottedSign! The visual progress bar is a big highlight because it makes tracking the progress very easy. We're releasing more features, stay tuned.
@matthew_knight2 @zoe_buchanan I agree with Matthew Knight here, automatic field recognition would be great, it’s the one thing that I really miss not having.
@matthew_knight2 @donald_richardson We'll keep your feedback in mind! Thanks.
Nice! I use DottedSign pretty often at work, don’t really have any issues with it. Only thing is, it’d be nice to have save-able PDF forms to use for later, or for different clients. Is anything like this in the works?
@noel_smith Hi Noel, thanks for the love. The feature you mentioned is actually on our pipeline!