Dot Buds

$49 wireless earbuds


  • Pros: 

    Good price point


    Terrible sound quality. Equivilent to a $15 pair of wired headphones.

    I was excited when my Dot Buds arrived in the mail that i immediately opened them to try them out. I was genuinely shocked at his weak the sound quality was even when compared to my cheap $20 wired pair I was using. I would return them based on the poor quality if I could but they do not accepr returns for that reason.


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Sam Dickie@thisdickie · Product Manager & Founder
Just bought a pair! Fantastic price and the specs look impressive considering.
Matt Gardner@thatmattgardner · Co-Founder,
@thisdickie Do you know anyone with them? I'm debating but for the price I'm skeptical on quality (audio and build)
Ivan Dergachev@dergachoff · The Clients
Did anyone actually try them? Trying to find legit reviews.
Matt Gardner@thatmattgardner · Co-Founder,
@dergachoff Same
Matt Gardner@thatmattgardner · Co-Founder,
JAMIE MARCUS@bhgtyuidfr
For the price, i honestly didn't expect these earbuds to be this good. Battery life is excellent and i charge the earbuds inside my pocket, sound quality is great.
Braden Hamm@bradenhamm · Designer / Founder
@bhgtyuidfr How long have you had them?
Matt Gardner@thatmattgardner · Co-Founder,
They look neat. But, how safe it is to use them while running or cycling? Won't they fall and lose them at some point? "A smart charging case that holds 3 extra charges for a total of 15 hours of listening. Full charged in less than 2 hours." <- Assuming it charges the headphones and the case, that means 4 full battery charges (3 +1). A bit less than 4 hours of use per charge? Or is it 5 hours per charge (3 charges) plus the 5 hours of the bud itself? How long it takes the bud to charge fully again when you put it in the smart case? I bought another pair of headphones from Kickstarter and their battery is dying really fast after a few months of use. Have you had any problems like that?
Cameron Baraban@camban · Product nerd & Co-Founder of Ignition90
You get what you pay for.