Dot Buds

$49 wireless earbuds

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2 Reviews2.5/5
Just bought a pair! Fantastic price and the specs look impressive considering.
@thisdickie Do you know anyone with them? I'm debating but for the price I'm skeptical on quality (audio and build)
Did anyone actually try them? Trying to find legit reviews.
For the price, i honestly didn't expect these earbuds to be this good. Battery life is excellent and i charge the earbuds inside my pocket, sound quality is great.
@bhgtyuidfr How long have you had them?
They look neat. But, how safe it is to use them while running or cycling? Won't they fall and lose them at some point? "A smart charging case that holds 3 extra charges for a total of 15 hours of listening. Full charged in less than 2 hours." <- Assuming it charges the headphones and the case, that means 4 full battery charges (3 +1). A bit less than 4 hours of use per charge? Or is it 5 hours per charge (3 charges) plus the 5 hours of the bud itself? How long it takes the bud to charge fully again when you put it in the smart case? I bought another pair of headphones from Kickstarter and their battery is dying really fast after a few months of use. Have you had any problems like that?
You get what you pay for.