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Hey Product Hunt Community! Just in time for Doppelgänger week, we are proud to present you with Doppies, a small app to help you find celebrities who look like you. It's really easy to use - you take a selfie, and get suggestions for celebrities who look like you. You can find more information about these celebrities on Wikipedia, or share a "yay or nay" picture via messengers and social networks, to get feedback from friends whether you really look alike. While there are other apps like this on the market, we felt like there was a need for one that was simpler, faster and more precise. This is our take. Doppies is currently available for Android only on the Google Play Store. We would love to get your feedback and hope you enjoy it! This is a side project and we know it isn't as perfect as we'd like it to be. Please be gentle ;) We'll be pushing more updates throughout the week. Feel free to let us know of your experience with Doppies (please help us share!), and be in touch!
@muninjlm Go Roy and team!
@muninjlm @yoavanaki only on Android? why :(
@rahulkapoor90 @yoavanaki Hey Rahul! We wish we could do iOS too. Since this is a side project, we only had resources to dedicate to one platform. Since our bosses use iOS, we thought Android would be funnier. If there's demand, maybe we'll expand ;)
@muninjlm What a great reason. 😂😂
Hey it's my doppelganger! :)
Recently, a lot of apps/products have been using MBE styled illustrations and it's looking good on products. Dribbble does have this ability to set trends.
@weirdowizard mbe is famous and made this style a trend but this kawaii design is way older than mbe
@beastydesign @weirdowizard MBE was definitely an inspiration. We used pinterest to research visual directions. As we gathered illustrations we liked, we saw they all had a similar features. We later found out many of them were made by MBE, and found articles in several languages detailing the art style. We hope you like the result
@muninjlm @beastydesign Yeah, MBE really popularized this style. Yup, you guys have certainly executed it nicely.
@weirdowizard This is what MBE styled illustrations are if you were in the dark like I was - http://graphicdesign.stackexchan...
Bummer, Android only. Can someone with an Android device upload my photo and share the results? 🙏🏼
@rrhoover Haha, tried to test it but turns out I can't upload a photo and capturing your photo from my laptop screen ain't working -- are you working on allowing "image uploads" @muninjlm ? Cool product though! It worked out well for me :D
@abdussamit @rrhoover thanks for the feedback! re: image upload - we're considering it :) For now, we recommend finding a real friend close to you with an Android phone and checking each other and a few friends together ;) Doppies is more fun with friends.
@muninjlm @rrhoover Fair enough ;) I found it cool and funny that being a South Asian, I was matched to a famous South Asian celebrity haha.
@abdussamit @muninjlm thanks for trying! :)
this is a fun idea! do you use computer vision to find faster the other side?