In-app user feedback for free

Doorbell is a free in-app feedback gathering tool, for websites and mobile apps (iOS & Android)

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@Ellp we integrated @doorbell_io from day one to collect in-product feedback from within the product. With over 3k comments received we managed to iterate quickly on what the users really want, whilst having a great open channel with our users. Keep it up @manavo
Let's see if @manavo can jump in to discuss
@BlendahTom Hey @BlendahTom, thanks for submitting @doorbell_io! Happy to answer any questions! :-)
@manavo tell us why you set out to build this Product?
@BlendahTom great question! I built this tool out of personal need. I had built an free Android app (a client for @sprintly), and needed a tool to let users submit feedback from within the app. I ended up paying for Zendesk for the first year. When it got close to renewal time, I thought it's silly to be paying for Zendesk for such a small app, so looked around for a decent solution that is free (for a basic version at least) that would enable me to do the same. Since I didn't find one, I set out to build the MVP for Doorbell for personal use. After my initial MVP for Android was done, I decided to build a Javascript SDK as well. And since iOS was the last remaining platform to make this a complete product, I got a friend of mine (@javienegas) to help me out with that :) And just over a year later, here we are!
@manavo what other competitors are you up against?
@BlendahTom there are the obvious big ones like @zendesk, @uservoice, @getsatisfaction, @tenderapp, @groove, @besnappy, although their offering is slightly different. All of these are aiming for being a complete support solution (documentation, community forums, etc). Other competitors that have the same idea (do one thing well) but a different way of doing are the likes of @helpscout and @frontapp.
@manavo looks very interesting. Two quick pieces of feedback on the mobile site. Can't really see the screenshots of the user interface and clicking on the menu brings up a translucent screen making it hard to read.
@arjunram hey Arjun! Thank you very much for the feedback! Good point about the translucent menu on mobile, certainly doesn't help when it drops down over the content! Will get it updated ASAP! I've been thinking of updating the homepage anyway to not show the interfaces. Instead having separate landing pages for each platform (web, Android, iOS). All the more reason for moving up it up the TODO list :) Thanks again!
@manavo Any time - having separate pages might be a good idea but remember to have a fall back ;) . While you are at it you might want to add sub menu's for integration & other subsections.
@arjunram another excellent suggestion! Given they aren't really advertised as much beforehand (just a short blurb at the bottom). Unfortunately it's all these little things that would help, but somehow features always take priority over these things :-)
@manavo 1) how are you planning on monetizing 2) what's the business opportunity here 3) are you raising more funds?
@manavo I know the feeling. Most early users arent looking for perfect features. Get them into the door and keep finessing them. These fixes impact getting them into the door.
Hey @manavo, I want to use it in my app ,but I don't see any localization for the text boxes
@ayalcinkaya_ hey! Is this on iOS?
@manavo yes, for iOS
@ayalcinkaya_ hi Ahmet! Yes, unfortunately there is no localization option for iOS at the moment. I'm planning on open sourcing the iOS SDK in the next couple of days on GitHub though, so you would be able to get a copy from there and change any of the text you want! I'll try and add the localization options too, but in the meantime this will be quicker/easier to do to get you up and running! :-)
@manavo ok ! we are waiting :)
@ayalcinkaya_ here it is: If you have any suggestions on how to make it better feel free to submit a pull request! :-) Thanks!
@manavo this is why I love PH, because I needed something like this ASAP :) one suggestion: please create a CocoaPods integration for your SDK, thanks!
@dannyjespinoza hey Danny! Glad to hear you like it! Sorry for the lack of CocoaPods integration. I've started looking into it, but haven't had a chance to fully sort it out yet. Not sure if it helps you at all, but the iOS SDK has been open sourced, so you can find the code itself here: I'll let you know once CocoaPods is ready! :) Thanks, Phil
@dannyjespinoza Hi Danny! I know it's been a while, but Doorbell now works via CocoaPods: Sorry it took so long!