Doodle Zapier Integration

Automate the busy work of scheduling meetings ⚡

Doodle's Zapier intergration lets you supercharge your scheduling. Send participants custom follow up emails, notify your team on Slack about the time you picked, collect your Doodle participants in a list, and much more. Automagically do more with Doodle.
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Hi PH, makers of Doodle's Zapier integration here. We're happy to have sparked your interest and are excited to be on PH (again) :D Doodle is all about making scheduling quick and easy. With our Zapier integration you get even more out of scheduling with Doodle. Use the triggers from Doodle to automatically follow up with participants, send custom emails, log the Doodles and participants to a spreadsheet, notify yourself and your team on Slack, and much more. Zapier has a lot of apps to connect with, which means endless automation options for your scheduling workflow. We're curious to see what you Zap! As always, please let us know in the comments if you have any feedback for us. Best, Cliff PS: we're hiring in Zurich, Berlin, Belgrade and Tel Aviv! ;-)
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Finally I can start making zaps with Doodle. Been looking forward to this one! First off is Slack reminders for all my Doodle polls.
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Connecting different products together is awesome - just look at the example Zaps - Scheduling a multi-person meeting is hard as it is, and creating zoom links for every meeting is just one less thing to remember - and once you automate your flow, you set and forget. I like that.


No-code products are awesome!


Doesn't expose enough action on a poll - want to do more!

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that's great!