Save yourself from being tracked by evil URL references

#5 Product of the DayJune 17, 2019
DontRef.Me helps you fight over the URL traces that follow you everywhere over the internet.
As an Open Source project, you're always welcome to review the code on GitHub.
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quite ironic that product hunt usually refs the links to the websites.
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Haha, I know it's a hyperbole but not sure I'd call URL references evil.
@rrhoover Haha.. we took How to post a product article way too seriously: "Tagline - Very short description of the product (make it catchy!)" πŸ™ˆ
@rrhoover That's what I would say too, when I run a website that uses and proliferates evil URL references all over the place ;)
Hi PH, Shivani from DontRef.Me team here, we are privacy enthusiasts who are making a small contribution by spreading awareness and improving privacy while browsing. DontRef.Me contributes towards privacy by removing the unnecessary references from the URLs and making people aware of the URL structure and the traces it leaves behind. We also support recursive reference URLs. So, feel safe by not leaving your traces behind while browsing or sharing URLs over the internet. We would love some feedback and happy to answer your questions. πŸ™
Can you also give a way to convert short links like to convert it to the actual URL? This way, you can improve privacy too.
@shubham_agrawal5 Thank you for your suggestion, we really value it!! This seems like a great idea and we would definitely consider it for further enhancements :)
@shubham_agrawal5 Thank you for a great feedback. We are surely adding it to our enhancement list.
Works like a charm!