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After doing poverty alleviation work in Africa for 3 years, I came back to the States to start DonorSee. When you download our app, you'll be able to help the worlds poorest people within seconds. Sometimes this means contributing towards a homeless person's new house for $700 or providing a deaf person with hearing aids for $180. Whatever you give, I think you'll be SHOCKED at how much of an impact a few bucks can make in a persons life. And after you give, you'll receive raw video updates showing exactly how your money was spent. It's a rewarding and addicting experience that makes DonorSee unlike any other app on your phone. Our dream is to make DonorSee a household name so that everyone can have the experience of what it feels like to truly make a difference in someone's life. Thanks and I hope you'll upvote! :-)
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Most of the time when you give to charity, all you receive back is a thank you email. You never know where your dollars actually ended up. DonorSee is changing that. DonorSee allows you to give directly to specific needs all over the world, and receive raw videos - just days later - showing exactly how your generosity changed someone's life. Here is a great example: A few people came together to provide $300 for a wheelchair that changed this mother and daughter's lives forever. Help us make giving transparent, direct, and fun!
DonorSee changed the way I give to people in need. Rather than sending a check to a giant faceless nonprofit and having a percentage of my funds go to salaries, admin, overhead and not knowing how it's actually helping the person in need -- with DonorSee, I now see photos and videos of my dollars in ACTION. Wheelchairs, surgeries, prosthetics, shelter -- I love seeing the difference it makes. This is what tech + giving is supposed to look like.
@daveschools_ EXACTLY. Thank you Dave!!
@daveschools_ Well said :)
Great to see charity products on Product Hunt, that's not something we face daily :) best of luck guys!
@paul_shuteyev Thanks for the feedback Paul :)
@paul_shuteyev Thanks Paul - happy to have your support! :)
I product with a great mission!
@ekaterina_matantseva Thanks Catherine! :-)
@ekaterina_matantseva We appreciate it Catherine!