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Dear Product Hunters! I am excited to celebrate the official launch of Donde Fashion with all of you. Donde fashion is the first visual search engine powered by Artificial Intelligence technology. Donde technology imitates the way people visually perceive objects. We learned how people look for particular products and how they analyze and understand the products’ features. We developed a proprietary algorithm that combines deep learning and natural language processing to search millions of fashion items from over 6,000 brands in seconds! Traditional search engines are great when you're trying to find articles or documents, but when you're trying to find visual objects like in fashion, it's not intuitive enough. We are excited to hear what you think and answer any questions. My email is :
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Looks great, waiting for Donde to support men's fashion as well :)
I love how all these techies are getting into the fashion space! After all, the market is huge. Cool product.
Really interesting. I'm curious about the onboarding of brands and different retailers - how broad is it and what are your plans here? I do love the visual nature of the search - it does allow you to move more quickly through options. BTW, congratulations on the launch. I added Donde to my collection of companies founded by women! :-)
@corleyh we are very glad to hear that you love the search! Thank you so much for your support! We provide options from more than 6,000 of the world’s leading brands and retailers and we are growing this selection every day to make sure we provide the best selection and experience for our users!
Beautiful app. @liat_zakay what's the story behind Donde? When did you start working on this?