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Add a donate button to any site w/ two lines of code

#3 Product of the DayDecember 01, 2014
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Hey hunters, as we've been building crowdfunding and fundraising tools over the last 2 years at Tilt, we've seen how difficult it was to add donations to your site (and how poorly optimized many donation forms are for mobile; where +55% of web consumption takes place!). So within our suite of enterprise tools today, we're excited to launch the simplest and most powerful donate button we've ever come across. No more ugly forms, paypal buttons, server code, etc. -- I will try to check back during the day, so feel free to ask anything about the launch. Hope you guys dig this! (And as a special gift from our team in the lead up to #GivingTuesday tomorrow, we’re covering 100% of credit card processing fees for your first $10,000 in donations. Simply accept your first dollar before December 31st and you’ll keep 100% of the donations you receive!)
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@jjbeshara awesome, congrats on the launch James. Completely agree making accepting donations easier is a worthwhile problem to solve.
@drewmeyers thanks drew. as the page says, we packed a lot into those two lines of code (customizability, recurring donations, auto tax-deductible receipts, etc), so we're excited to get this out there to improve the ease of installation and conversion of donations on the web.
@jjbeshara love it! what led up to the building of this? what was the biggest challenge to overcome to get businesses to adopt this?
@eriktorenberg about 90% of our resources go to (our consumer app), and a huge number of non-profits that would use to raise money in a crowdfunding campaign asked if there was a way to host a simple donation form on their site powered by us, so we always knew it was something we needed to build. Pre-orders (launched last month) was one of our most successful enterprise tools for us to launch and has already processed about $8M because of the ease of copy/pasting the code and dropping it on your site. So in lead up to the most generous month of the year (December), we looked at both of those things and decided now was a good time to build an easy way to drop in donations to any site in a simple/powerful way. It just launched today, and is only on a handful of beta sites, so will let you know the answer to the second question as soon as we know!
@jjbeshara hard to pass up an offer like that. Thanks
Looks like they have shut this project down which is quite disappointing. I set one of my friends nonprofits up on donations by Tilt a few months ago and now I have to re-do everything which I am not too happy about.
congrats @jjbeshara and team! interesting to see the evolution + overlap of Open and excited to see what's next!