Donate Your Tab

Mine Crypto in your browser to help people in need


Donate Your Tab is mining Monero (XMR), in your browser, and donating money to worthy causes.

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Brandon Reid
Aldo Beqiraj
Matt Burman
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  • Kashish Sharma
    Kashish SharmaVenture Hacker @ AngelList India

    Simple UI, first donation medium which actually makes sense to me!


    Nothing overarching - I'd still use this regardless.

    Absolutely love the concept! The fact of the matter is that people want to do "good" but with the daily routine etc, it becomes impossible to contribute. Big believer of block-chain and I felt this application is a great step in utilizing this technology in a positive light.

    Kashish Sharma has used this product for one day.
  • Siddharth Nahar
    Siddharth NaharTrying to find my #Chi

    Enabling people to make contributions with the existing resources. Clean UI/UX...helps you get started in a click.


    Need for a better explanation about the working.

    It is an interesting concept but still skeptic on the functionality of the system? Mining takes time and if my tab is closed while mining and the mining is not finished, what happens to all the processing done at my end? Is it additive or wasted?

    Anyway, I am using it daily and while I see it running, it gives a sense of pride that I am contributing for a cause.

    Siddharth Nahar has used this product for one week.