Donate Your Tab

Mine Crypto in your browser to help people in need

#4 Product of the DayOctober 20, 2017

Donate Your Tab is mining Monero (XMR), in your browser, and donating money to worthy causes.

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Love the idea, but do you make it easy to track the crypto to the wallets of the actual causes? Trust but verify etc. :) How can someone be sure the money is going where it should?
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Hey @Mikebodge - This is a really cool idea, curious how you came up with it. I like that a bunch of underutilized laptops running through the night could generate significant cash for some awesome causes! 🙌
@helloduane Hi, thanks! My reason for making it is two fold: 1. I'm super interested in cryptocurrency these days (and I know I'm not alone). Silk Road and malware miners being installed on hacked sites don't help its reputation so I thought about how I could do something for good. The site is intentionally simple so anyone can dive into mining and hopefully get interested in it too. 2. A lot of people are feeling helpless these days with all that's going on in the world. This is literally the lowest barrier of entry to helping a cause. Just load up a website and let it sit there. For some people spending 1 minute to call their senator is too much of a barrier of entry.
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How many users and how many hours of the tab open does it take to mine a dollar? Because this morning when I turned it on, it was at 28.57$ and it still is 8 hours later?
@joshdance @mikebodge : I also have the same question, given the massive compute capacity available in the miner network (ex. the slush pool), how many hours of of collective tab sessions are required to generate significant hashes and actually generate donations ? Is there an empirical or a mathematical formula to it; f(hours) = number bitcoins generated or number of hashes solved. Great product btw !
@joshdance @mikebodge @shivekkhurana According to you need 58000 H/s at the moment to mine 1 XMR per day. I was getting around 70 H/s on my i7 6700k. So running it for an entire day would generate XMR 0.001220 which is around USD 0.10795. On my end, I'll be at a deficit of USD 0.576 for the electrical power spent mining.
Hey Mike, Great idea. With the release of Coin Hive, I actually started brainstorming about the exact same thing a few days ago. I also wanted to keep it super simple, but what held me back was that it would get *slightly* more technical than I wanted it to (time that I couldn't commit right now), and that factor comes down to creating a transparency mechanism. How do users knows that The Hispanic Federation is actually getting their well-deserved charity hashes? Do you see smart contracts coming into play in the future, in order to preserve said transparency? Additionally, thank you for sparing us all, and not doing some sort of shitty, not-thought-through token sale scheme around your product. Which, I'm sure next week, thanks to Coin Hive's new platform, we will get hit with a wave of "ICOs" that are bound to make the world a better place :P I'll definitely be setting my tab to your product, and I hope it catches on. The math (and assumptions, more importantly) provided on your FAQ page are exactly correct, and having the ability to give that kind of money to the right cause for a mere ⌘T is incredible 😎
Hey @mikebodge - Very cool idea, but wouldn't it be cheaper and waste way less energy for most people to just donate vs. using electricity to mine?
@evan_besser The best way to help charities is of course donating directly (whether that's with money or time). You're using your computer already, so why not just leave a tab open and passively help?
@mikebodge @evan_besser Maybe but since we are all keeping our computer on all the time, why not help charities instead of just wasting energy!
@mikebodge @evan_besser @marylise if you can come up with a simpler way then definitely! More than "I don't want to donate", it's the friction in donation that causes many to not donate. What donate your tab seems to be doing here is remove that friction. Which I think is brilliant! @mikebodge 👏 🃏
@mikebodge Completely agree and I didn't mean to oversimplify getting people to actually donate. My understanding of using CPU to mine cryptos, however, is that the electricity required to mine on your usual laptop is actually more costly than the crypto itself. I'm curious if there's some way around this.