Donald Trump Valentines Cards

Trumps outlandish quotes turned into statements of love.

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All out of stock?! Darn!
@melissarios94 They are now back in stock! Sadly we can only ship to the UK though.
Haha this is awesome, too bad it's out of stock though... and LOL "Made In Mexico".
@dilyaraskar Don't worry we are fully stocked up again. Sadly we can only ship to the UK though.
@ashjbibby Hmm interesting, np! May I ask why its restricted to UK only? What is stopping you guys? Just curious.
@dilyaraskar Quite simply we won't be able to get them shipped over to the US in time which is annoying.
@ashjbibby Hmm... you still have little time, why not charge extra extra for North American shipping so you can do express? If not, maybe you can prepare for the next holiday, regardless, good luck, neat idea :D
This is brilliant. Well done!
UK Shipping only... Dang!