Cryptocurrency donations, for everyone.

Create a custom donation page and start accepting cryptocurrency donations in minutes - for free!
🎯 Direct. We never hold your donations
πŸ”’ Zero chargebacks
🌐 Multiple currencies
πŸš€ Access to funds in seconds
⚑ Powerful integrations. Great for creators
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Gil HildebrandEntrepreneur and Technical Lead
Great idea, and the design is fantastic. Do you have any beta users with live donation pages? Would love to see an example of one. I also think it would be OK to sell into the fear a bit - e.g. linking to a few examples where people accepted donations but the payment processor withheld payment or charged too much.
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Howdy πŸ‘‹ I'm Nathan, co-founder of Donaid. We're happy to announce our public beta launch of Donaid. Donaid is a powerful donation platform that utilizes blockchain technology to lower fees, increase transparency, cut-out middlemen, bypass borders, and encourage social giving. Check it out here: and setup your own donation page today! We are excited to hear your feedback. Enjoy!
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NickLegal Engineer and Entrepreneur
So am I right that you mostly orient at streaming services?
Roney LaurentGrowth Hacker Marketer
I created my personal page πŸ‘‰ but is not working. My Donaid personal page does not exist. What is that? What's happening?