Don't Hit Publish

Does your writing suck? Find out.

Don't Hit Publish will tell you if your blog post is a complete pile of crap or not. And it'll show you what to do about it if it sucks.

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I've been writing emails and blog posts for Videofruit for 3.5 years. And I can count on one hand the number of things I've written that I've loved and thought was really good. A few months ago I had a thought… “What if there was a tool you could use that would tell you if your blog posts and emails were good enough to publish?” 1. You pick your goal of the post/email 2. Answer 5 basic questions 3. It tells you if it’s good enough and gives you suggestions to make it better Then I talked to my friend Jeff Goins, an author. And he showed me his process for vetting his writing and making sure that it was good and led to a business result. He had a basic checklist. Once he was done writing, he ran the post through the checklist and then went and fixed the parts that failed the checklist Welp - we turned his checklist into a free tool. Meet Don’t Hit Publish This is a new tool we built and just launched that will help you be more confident and get better results from your writing. Hope you enjoy!
@harris_bryan I love a good blog checklist and I am sure that my friend I am helping with will enjoy this new product too.

I'm on the Videofruit team and am so excited for our students to use this tool. It fired me up to go and use it on my blog posts to see how I compared. Great tool to help you get better and more effective at writing so that you can help more people with your content.


Easy to use, gives you EXACT steps to take


It doesn't do it for you :)

Funny little tool and surprisingly helpful for such a simple product.
@karimmaassen Ultimate compliment. Simple and effective.
Very fun and creative :) Just need to work on it and make it better.
This is awesome. Always struggle to know whether my posts are good enough. Gonna start checking my posts now. Thanks