Auto-change page title & favicon whenever page loses focus

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Genius tech troll. 😂
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There are a lot of annoying growth hacky things you can do to get people to stay on your site. A common one is to popup a modal whenever a user moves his mouse toward the address bar. The modal then begs you to stay or subscribe for email updates. Frankly, it’s a little needy. But, when I saw dont-go from Tiaan DuPlessis, I couldn’t help but smile. It automagically changes the page title and favicon whenever the page loses focus. It’s cute, easy to implement, and won’t get in the way. Most importantly, it might just convince a few visitors to click back.
@nealrs totally agree here :) It would be super-awesome if someone can actually make statistics about % of returning visitors.
Invision uses this same concept on their blog. :)
Sick! I did something like this with Colicious (