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#5 Product of the DayFebruary 26, 2018

Don't Close This Tab is a little free widget you add on your website that changes the website title when users leave your tab. Check out how it works on

You can create different titles for different pages of your website.


  • Sam AndersonDesigning XD with XD @ Adobe



    Dark pattern, annoys people

    If I keep a tab open, my intention is come back to it later. Why mess with that and annoy people? Not only will people be annoyed by a blinking tab, but they won't see the name of your website. I automatically close tabs that do this. Let's not make the web any more annoying than it already is.

    Sam Anderson has never used this product.
  • Dinuka JayasuriyaCodingRadio 📻 ShipFast 🛳 TweetFast 🔥



    Irritating to see a blinking tab. Will definitely close the tab.

    I have a feeling this will decrease customer interaction. People don't want to see annoying website behavior while browsing. A blinking tab is a straight up 'NO'. It's creative though 👌

    Dinuka Jayasuriya has never used this product.


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Antônio Guilherme Ferreira Viggiano@aviggiano · Entrepreneur
Hey, nice product. Have you A/B tested this feature to see if it really improves conversion on your website? Personally, I don't like when websites try very hard to call for my attention (e.g. autoplay videos, subscribe popups, paywalls, etc.), as I find it a bit intrusive. Maybe some users will be just like me and will close the tab out of anger instead of keeping it open. Or maybe most people don't mind it and conversion will really improve, I don't know.
Kalo YankulovMaker@kaloyanyankulov · Product creator and marketer
@aviggiano Great question! We're currently tracking data and will come back with some reports.
Adrian Carolli@adrian_carolli · CEO, Chant
@aviggiano @kaloyanyankulov Would also like to see this data keep me updated!
Kalo YankulovMaker@kaloyanyankulov · Product creator and marketer
Changing the world by making the Internet a more annoying place. One tab at a time. This is a little widget I built in my spare time on the weekends. It changes the tab title of your website when users try to leave. It's pretty useful if you run eCommerce stores and want to attract customers back to your shopping cart. I.e. recover sales and make more $$$. Use with caution! It's very powerful.
rotem gal@gal_rotem · Marketing
@kaloyanyankulov any statistics on returning users?
Kalo YankulovMaker@kaloyanyankulov · Product creator and marketer
@gal_rotem We don't have hard data, yet for this tool. But I've heard of people using an in-house solution for that feature claiming ~20% of people leaving the tab, to return. Of course, it's hard to attribute it 100% to this feature but certainly, it helps. If there's a lot of usage/installations for the widget, we could integrate analytics.
rotem gal@gal_rotem · Marketing
ok this is awesome! great thinking guys
Kalo YankulovMaker@kaloyanyankulov · Product creator and marketer
@gal_rotem Thanks, man!
Tim Speckhals@timmyrsde · Full Stack Web & Java Dev
Here's to a decrease in conversion rates 🥂
AngiePro@angeliquesocial · Founder of YourApparel
I love your idea :) Have you already considered adding a list of different tab titles for various industries? eCommerce websites or charities could use some predifined titles for example.
Kalo YankulovMaker@kaloyanyankulov · Product creator and marketer
@angeliquesocial Thank you, Angie. It's something we'd definitely consider. Especially if we decide to integrate with Shopify and other eCommerce platforms.