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#1 Product of the DayDecember 15, 2013




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Kam Bain ✍
Kam Bain ✍@kam_bain · Founder @Craaave, Growth @BeyondPricing
@connor I'm always afraid some evil squatter overlord peeking into my domainr results to steal my search just before I register. Gahhhh this world could go without these evil people.
Eric Case
Eric CaseMaker@case · Co-founder,
Eric from Domainr here — thanks for the kind words, all! We launched the site ~5 years ago and have spent nights/weekends on it since. @connor hacks on it with us. @kam_bain we are definitely not evil squatter overlords (to my knowledge), though you might want to confirm that with Zack and Connor. ;) This practice is called front-running, and we absolutely do not do it, nor would we ever consider it. We don't even own a portfolio of domains — we're product hackers, not domain squatters. @tommoor I'm a huge fan of Sqwiggle btw — it's essential when I'm working remotely from my team. Email us at (or @domainr on Twitter) if you have any questions about the service.
Tom Moor
Tom MoorHiring@tommoor · Building Abstract has been my favourite domain name hunting tool for years :)
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Just caught @plc's essay about another domain registrar, (, coincidentally discovered through :)
Derek Shanahan
Derek ShanahanPro@dshan · Three Hex, Cloud Unicorn
Favorite domain tool by a mile.